feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or interview inquiries about the Dive Manual, or any other topics of fortean or esoteric nature.

what i'm generally for: esotericism, comparative religion, Jungian psychology, fortean phenomena, mysticism, hypnosis, neuroscience, anthropology, mythology, folklore, symbolism, philosophy, open-source research, healthy skepticism, occam's razor, and empiricism

what i'm generally against: damn near anyone that ever participated in or commercially promoted the film/book 'The Secret', pretentious occultists that think they've turned every stone, ufologists that have 'government insiders' as their main sources, politicians, hackneyed conspiracy theories, dogma, and zealotry

Special props given to NYC rapper and illustrator, Deca, for his creation of Dive Manual's cover, which also doubles as the website's logo. The title of the painting is called 'The Upward Journey', and you can find Deca's crisp boombap with unprecedented symbolic fluency on Spotify and other streaming platforms. Here's a link to his website:

The Upward Journey scan2 copy 2.jpg
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