“Carl Jung vs. Hunter Thompson.”

- Joe Rupe, host of Lighting the Void


“Decoding the mysteries of the mind through exploration of archetypes and psychedelic magic.”

- Martin Ferretti, host of The Alchemical Mind


“Most people spend their whole lives trying to cultivate a personal philosophy that is non-biased and rational when it comes to these topics, but it appears to come naturally to Anthony.”

- Mike Mazzei, host of Mind Escape


"An engaging insight into the author’s wide-ranging exploration of esoteric and occult concepts, through both direct experience and a good grounding in the subjects covered."

- Rick Palmer, host of Some Other Sphere


“Tyler's unique perspective into the collective psyche is a mind-bending read that is not for the uninitiated or the casual reader. For those with an analytical mind, however, this tome is a rather fantastic trove of beautifully written prose, and is a brief glimpse behind the veil of what it means to be human. A must-read for Spiritual Seekers.”

- Justin Otto, host of Dharma Junkie