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“Carl Jung vs. Hunter Thompson.”

- Joe Rupe, host of Lighting the Void


“Decoding the mysteries of the mind through exploration of archetypes and psychedelic magic.”

- Martin Ferretti, host of The Alchemical Mind

"Uses the framing of deep sea exploring to compare theology, esotericism, psychedelia, psychology and philosophy into a heavy tome -- a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am primer for those that have an itch, inkling and need to begin their journey inward. I’ve come across many primers before, but Anthony’s seems to be of the time, tarrying on that tight rope of skepticism, research and phenomena."

Keats Ross, host of Pragmagick


“Most people spend their whole lives trying to cultivate a personal philosophy that is non-biased and rational when it comes to these topics, but it appears to come naturally to Anthony.”

- Mike Mazzei, host of Mind Escape

"Anthony combines logical analysis with his curiosity in esoteric subjects, looking at the mystical with a great mindset." 

- Melissa Martell, host of D:Programmed


“Tyler's unique perspective into the collective psyche is a mind-bending read that is not for the uninitiated or the casual reader. For those with an analytical mind, however, this tome is a rather fantastic trove of beautifully written prose, and is a brief glimpse behind the veil of what it means to be human. A must-read for Spiritual Seekers.”

- Justin Otto, host of Dharma Junkie


“What a wild ride! Quite a good treatise on shadow work and actualization, and really ran the gamut of weird and Fortean phenomena along the way."

- AP Strange, researcher and host of 'The Eternal Void but with Jazz'

“Tyler hits the nail on the head especially when he brings up individuals like Jung, Vallee, and Keel who were trying to figure out a 'middle path', a new language of how we can deal with the unexplainable. His book definitely hits all the high marks when it comes to this."

- Miguel Conner, host of 'Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio'

"Great Read… These are similar ideas I have been pushing for a while now. For instance, no matter what kind of paranormal phenomena you’re looking at, you get lights and poltergeist phenomena. It might not be recognized as these phenomena if you’re a Bigfoot hunter, but you’re getting stones thrown at you, you’re hearing vocalizations, and it’s basically a poltergeist in the woods.”


- Seriah Azkath, host of 'Where Did the Road Go?'