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Starting March 14th 6pm PST, I'll be hosting my very own radio show/podcast entitled BLACK HOODIE ALCHEMY for the FRINGE FM.

Once it begins, it will air once a week on Monday evenings, and will last for an hour. After its broadcast, it will be released the following day as a podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Podcasts. To listen to it air, just go the and click the PLAY button in the top right corner of the home page!

The show will alternate between interviewing guests and me ranting alone about a variety of topics like: metaphysics, horror, esotericism, ancient history and symbolism, demonology, CG Jung and archetypal psychology, true crime related to cults, secret societies, and serial killers, and unexplainable phenomena from cryptozoology to the paranormal and beyond.

Many of the episodes will be pre-recorded as I work my way into a longer time-slot with live broadcast! Eventually I will be getting a call-in line and/or a chatroom space for listeners to chime in as well! This is just the beginning with a lot more to come. Next episode to come air on the 21st!

                                                                                  listen on iTunes here

Thanks for reading, and I hope to decide to tune in! Cheers. 


Black. Hoodie Alchemy.png
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