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Born in Georgia, raised in Alaska. I've seen and experienced a lot of weird things in my time already, enough to make me study earnestly in an attempt to understand them. After some of that study, I found firstly: that finding answers always raises more questions, and secondly: I enjoy researching the topics that none of us (myself included) will likely ever understand fully. 

Through the lens of the analytic psychology of CG Jung, and heavily informed by minds like Manly P. Hall and John Keel, I take a skeptical yet open-minded, empirical approach to concepts of the unexplainable such as: metaphysics, magick, mysticism, UFOs, and cryptoozology. From gods, mothmen, aliens, strange dreams, and the archetypal unconscious, to parallel universes, demonology, serial killers, dispelling New Age bullshit, and even more still -- I hope to give plenty food for thought. 

Check out my weekly podcast/digital

radio show BLACK HOODIE ALCHEMY where I

investigate esoterica and the unexplainable,

from ancient history all the way up to the latest

in brain sciences, psychology, and folklore's

carry-over into the modern era. Digest weekly

heaping spoonfuls of psychedelia, horror,

metaphysics, a bit of true crime and even some

comedy (especially if you tune into the right

episodes) every Monday evening! You can 

find it on the Fringe.FM, spotify, apple, or 

anywhere you stream your podcast action.


You can also check out my many podcast

and radio interviews on popular shows like:

Where Did the Road Go?

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio

Lighting the Void Radio

The Secret Teachings Radio

Mike & Maurice's Mind Escape

Spirit Box Podcast

and others!

You can find them on spotify, apple podcasts, and essentially any other place you stream or download your podcasts, and you can find a spotify playlist that I consistently update right here.

And don't forget to purchase my books Dive Manual: Empirical Investigations of Mysticism and Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana  on amazon today, or check out some of the excerpts I have posted to this website. I hope you enjoy the content. Cheers!

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