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From the podcast Black Hoodie Alchemy, Redneck Mystic Extraordinaire - TIPPY PATSON - is a strange yet affable redneck from Defuniak Springs, Florida that is absolutely and totally a real person *cough cough*. He and his cohorts (a group of rednecks that call themselves "a 'League of Extordniary Gentlemen' of sorts") are convinced that the population of gators in the Florida Everglades are indeed the Illuminati shapeshifting reptilians, and this redneck league is calling for you to come help them capture all of them!


Not only that, but Tippy is here to spread the word about the spirituality of Henry Ford, who the rednecks claim was a multi-dimensional time-traveler, something similar to Dr. Who. And if this wasn't insane enough, Tippy is also convinced the Elon Musk is the actual Devil, and that Nascar can be seen celebrated throughout time and space. 

As for Tippy and his crew overall, some of their beliefs and schemes include but are not limited to: deciphering the Book of Revelations through animal scat; bathing in urine to talk to angels; attempting to telepathically communicate with dolphins, gators, and other animals; making poorly-crafted alcohols, tarot decks, instructional VHS tapes, and so much more.

Tippy can be found in Black Hoodie Alchemy episodes #14, 30, and 38, as well as in several commercials throughout the program and on the Black Hoodie Alchemy youtube channel.

Here's the codenames for the rest of Tippy P's League of Extordniary Gents:

Jefferson Tillamookslinger -

Alleged former 'Illuminati cloning-lab manager', born in Eugene OR and raised in Newark NJ. He once wanted to be an actor, and now considers himself somewhat of a movie critic based on no credentials whatsoever, and sometimes serves to help clones escape from their cloning lab containments. His first appearance is in Black Hoodie Alchemy #34, and can also be found in #43, 51, many commericials throughout the programs and on the youtube channel.

Dr. Silverback Commando, MD-

A self-proclaimed dolphin whisperer and LSD enthusiast from Portland, Silverback fancies himself the "next Dr. John Lily" and seems to be obsessed with Lilly's NASA-funded studies that involved LSD, dolphins, theoretical telepathy, and eventually, even some dolphin sensuality. Hustler even wrote an article about it, and none of that is a lie. Google it. But Silverback Commando likes to tell people a little bit about his attempts to recreate this "dolphin telepathy," and his first appearance can be found in Black Hoodie Alchemy #33. He can also be found all throughout the episode commercials and on the youtube channel.

Muscle Tornado -

A man with thirteen children that is obsessed with smoking DMT, deciphering numerology, and Hulkamania! Thankfully none of his children followed him to the Everglades with Tippy Patson, because Muscle T recently lost a hand trying to wrestle an alligator. His appearance can be found in #35 and thankfully, he sells instructional VHS tapes for alligator combat on the Black Hoodie Alchemy program and the youtube channel!

Apex Monsoon -

Apparently he is a ghost-pirate that sails the cosmos, leaping from pirate-ship to pirate-ship throughout the timespace something similar to Scott Bacula's character in Quantum Leap. Recently, he's found himself attached to a small ship-in-a-bottle in the swampy shack of Tippy Patson. He as well can be found on the youtube channel, and his first appearance is in Black Hoodie Alchemy #32.

Bayou Jones -

An old friend of Tippy Patson's, this man was allegedly raised by alligators in the Everglades, tries his best to speak English but fails in astonishing fashion, loves picking mushrooms, and his quite the moonshiner. Unfortunately, he also has quite the crack-cocaine habit, but it was through him that Tippy learned of the Illuminati shapeshifting reptiles, and so he is an invaluable member of the group! His appearance can be found in Black Hoodie Alchemy #35.

Randy Stemp-

The team's resident paranormal investigator, Randy has spent a great deal investigating the Georgia Guidestones before they blew up, the structure known as Bama-Henge, Central State Hospital in Georgia, and a variety of other southern paranormal hotspots. Unfortunately, he does not have an appearance yet on the show, as he travels outside of the group something awesomely similar to Wolverine of the X-Men. He told us to write that. 

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