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BHA84: Surreal Memories & the Inner Mysteries

Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy, folks! This week is coming in from the Black Hoodie Alchemy patreon feed, which I have decided to roll into the main feed of the regular show. Given the inconsistency of my own schedule, not wanting to split my show feeds apart, and the fact that patreon listenership can be a long game sometimes -- I am consolidating things just a bit!

With my cohort, friend, BHA listener and fellow alchemist, Seedperson1, this week we dive into the deeper aspects of alchemy in everyday life to include unraveling the idea that so many of us wrestle with, yet often do not acknowledge: how about those weird surreal memories from our childhood?

Damn near everyone has got one if they think hard enough -- some sort of memory that seems more like a dream than anything else, that no one else seems to remember, and perhaps even has some paranormal or mystical tones to it. Are they just dreams? Why do they stick out to us so much still throughout the span of our lives? Why do they seem to exist as strange existential riddles in the back of our heads, and what might these riddles be able to tell us about ourselves if we to unravel them?

This week's featured music from my homie and fellow magician, Keats Ross AKA Dakota Slim. Don't forget to support all your favorite indie artists!


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