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BHA87: How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Jumanji'd a Sasquatch (feat. Hunter Hanson & Chris Fiato)

Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy, folks! This week is all things Sasquatch -- not only do we analyze some of the folklore and typical content in the sightings, but I also am pleasantly surprised to report to you all that I have my own Sasquatch story to share with you! It happened over the weekend of April 2024's Solar Eclipse, it was auditory with several people around, and it happened multiple times. Oh yeah and there was a Sasquatch hunting board-game involved! But you'll have to listen in to learn more.

From a hairy hominid, to mystical gatekeeper of the forest, or even a poltergeist of the wilderness, my guests and I take a look at this topic from several different angles, and we even contrast them to sightings of "skinwalkers" and "dogman" at the end.

Also happy 4/20! Smoke em if ya got em

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This week's featured music is brought to you by the extremely talented and multi-faceted musicians Zig Mentality. And we even have another collaboration between them and Cleopatrick! Very stoked to be bumping these tracks.


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