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On 'Some Other Sphere'

This time around I join host Rick Palmer on his Fortean interview podcast, Some Other Sphere.

The discussion begins with my motivations for writing the book, some talk about the allegory of the 'dive', and quickly dives into a rounded discussion of psychology and unexplainable phenomena across the board, like: dream analysis, Jungian alchemy, sleep paralysis and epilepsy's historical roles in demonology and divination, serial killers and the occult, possession cases, Jacques Vallee, UFOs and their curious persistence in many forms throughout history, and the role that the psychological projection process plays in the manifestation of Fortean phenomena.

Rick was friendly and conversational, as well as informed, and I was really pleased to be on the show.

He was also kind enough to give quite a glowing review of the book, stating, "Given the nature of the subject matter and it’s personal nature, the book is an impressive accomplishment and a fascinating insight into someone’s experiences engaging with weirdness head on." I look forward to my next guest appearance! There is plenty more to talk about, that's for sure.

You can listen to the full interview and subscribe to Rick's podcast here:


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