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BHA97.666: Your Haunted Pineal Gland on 'Juan on Juan'

Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy! This week, to help supplement what we've been talking about on this show lately, I share with you my most recent appearance on the 'Juan on Juan' podcast (and one of the few guest spots I've had the time to do this year).

If you didn't hear my first chat with Juan, you can check that out right here too.

I share with Juan some of my favorite research as of late, talking to him more about heuristic comparative religion, evolutionary psychology, dreams, trance states, and the pineal gland; as well as The Goblin Universe, exorcisms and the nervous system, demonology and Lovecraftian entities, the pan effect and wanderlust syndrome, the attempted exorcism of Loch Ness, Malachi York's hip-hop cult empire and so much more.


This week's featured music is more from my cohort Chris Fiato AKA ODD COMBO, always bringing that positive punk energy to several different genres!


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