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BHA14: The Legend of 'Redneck Mystic Tippy Patson' (feat. Justin Otto)

This episode of Black Hoodie Alchemy is going to be a little bit different! Suffice it to say that I was contacted by a very curious Florida man that only seems to communicate through old fashioned snail mail, despite still having a website. His name is 'Tippy Patson', and he's a totally real person that has some very fascinating ideas about American trucker culture existing throughout time and space, including the time traveling escapades of Henry Ford and the theory that the Ancient Mystery Rites of Antiquity included Nascar. It's this and a whole hell of a lot more as Tippy tries to make sense out of his own research and validate the current life he's living. You can visit Tippy website at\.com.

After the break, I then discuss a man who claims to own the Moon, Mars, and some more planets, and he's even contacted the United Nations about his ownerships... kind of. This is another weird story, but this one is actually really real, and you can read the Vice article about it here.


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