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On 'The Secret Door'

Here are my two interviews with Melissa on The Secret Door. The first was a discussion of the different topics in Dive Manual, like Jung, evolutionary psychology, and mysticism. The next interview is a specific discussion about demonology and how it relates to both physical disease and mental illness throughout history, and how the symbolism and archetypes of demonology still play a special role into the psyches of humanity today, especially when considering special cases like the possession of Annalise Michel.

The second interview also includes a special look at the role temporal lobe epilepsy has played in the history of demonology, and even modern-day cases of demonology, like Michel, or even serial killers like Richard Ramirez, David Berkowitz, and John Wayne Gayce.

Melissa is an insightful paranormal investigator, researcher and podcast, and always a delight to have a conversation with.


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