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Discussing the Psychology of Belief on 'Mind Escape'

Recently I joined Mike and Maurice for a round two on their podcast, Mind Escape, where we expand upon the groundwork laid in our last discussion. This time, we penetrated much further into the concepts of faith, belief, and unexplainable phenomena and how these things relate to evolutionary psychology and the human species as a whole.

As counter-intuitive as it might sound at first, it is quite easy to understand how different evolutionary drives, pressures, and instincts have helped shape the human imagination and spiritual tradition throughout world history. And the more we peel the layers of the proverbial onion the more we find that, even though the scientific data sheds light on the mystical, the answers always bring about more questions, safely assuring that we will likely never have all the answers from a human perspective.

Topics of discussion include psychedelic therapy, UFOs, sleep paralysis, and how unexplainable phenomena like even cryptozoology might relate to the occult and alchemical mysticism. And of course, my book, Dive Manual.

check out the video recorded live here on youtube, or check it out on spotify, apple podcasts, or wherever you listen to all your podcast shit.


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