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BHA79: Artistry & the Shadow Complex in History (feat. Brad Kelly & Kevin Kautzman of 'Art of Darkness')

This week on Black Hoodie Alchemy I have a double-whammy for you! I'm joined by special guests and fellow writers, Brad Kelly and Kevin Kautzman of the popular biography-philosophy podcast ⁠'Art of Darkness', which focuses on lengthy deep dives into the full lives and dark psychologies of history's greatest artists, whether they be painters, authors, filmmakers, et cetera.

With Brad as a published working fiction author and Kevin as a working playwright and director, armed with their encyclopedic brains about the plights of the artist, we get into more Jung and the shadow complex, the catharsis of art and the similarities to religion and mysticism. We also get into demonology and memetics, exploring our inner mythologies through our art, and the dichotomy of the "sell-out" vs the "real artist."

As for specific artists that we bring up throughout the chat, we discuss John Lennon, the director of the cult classic 'Solaris' Andrei Tarkovsky, Stanley Kubrick, Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling, Lucille Ball, Dante Alighieri and many more!

We hope you dig it.

BHA DISCORD (invite link expires in 7 days from posting but you can find Black Hoodie Alchemy easily on the app)

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