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BHA69: Anima & Animus - CG Jung's Alchemy of the Soul

This week on Black Hoodie Alchemy, I give you another solo deep dive into the mystical philosophies and analytic psychology of Carl Jung.

Anima and animus, yin and yang, subconscious and conscious, negative and positive, night and day, qliphoth and sephiroth, soul and spirit, feminine and masculine -- the union of opposites is something that the alchemist has always been focused on, and the reconciliation of opposites within a human being can manifest itself in a variety of peculiar ways, depending on how that human interacts and identifies with the world around them.

This episode is going to be a hard one to try and summarize -- but suffice it to say that throughout Jung's final book, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, the psychoanalyst opened up a great deal about what it meant to reconcile the opposites within himself. Namely, like with most average men, Jung's spiritual alchemy came in the form of communications with his anima -- the feminine nature of his soul itself -- and his journey mirrors direct archetypal equivalents in the stories of alchemists and artists like Dante Alighieri, Philip K Dick, and Wolfgang Von Goethe.

These stories and artworks do not represent end-all-be-all processes of inner alchemy, but they do serve as quality examples as to how some of these extremely esoteric mechanics will play out -- whatever faces they choose to use as they manifest!

I hope you dig it.

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