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BHA68: The Divine Feminine & the Scientific Method (feat. Momma Bear)

This week on Black Hoodie Alchemy, we finally have our first lady guest on the show! While this show does have a little bit of a male slant, we've always maintained a solid third of lady listeners and I apologize for this taking so long! It's been a combination of me enjoying the company of my best researcher homies, doing solo shows, and having tricky scheduling. I wasn't even sure who the first female guest would be for a while, but I'm pleased to announce that it's working scientist, biologist, and longtime listener of the show, codenamed: Momma Bear!

Having been a longtime practicing mystic, occultist, and biologist, Momma Bear is a BHA listener that's lived a full life with a great deal of insight to share! We talk about the Divine Feminine in esoteric philosophy in Jungian psychoanalysis, recommended lady philosophers and magicians, paranormal activity in children, Houdini and his colleague (perhaps even muse) Rose Mackenberg, and female pharaohs in Egyptian culture.

We also take the time to discuss aspects of Mother of the Mysteries to include the Egyptian goddess Isis, and the relationship she and other figures have to Mother Mary in Christian theology. In this vein, we also discuss what the Divine Feminine and comparative religion at large mean to the modern scientific method.

Science itself seems to have no soul, ethics, or morals, and many argue that this is how it should be. However, the evidence empirically suggests otherwise. Science compels us towards ethics and morality, if we use it properly -- and in today's society, we've lost the plot. One might say in many ways that modern science today is far too masculine, and would do well to have more of a nurturing touch, so Momma Bear helps me sift through all this and more!

We hope you dig it.

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