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BHA48: Goethean Science - An Alchemical Overview

This week on the show, we discuss the philosophical perspective of the poet and scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

His outlook will represent a dive deep into a different approach towards scientific empirical study -- an existentialist, humanistic approach to science that makes use of the self as a tool without tainting the study through biases. Furthered through existing concepts like Waldorf Education and Biodynamic Agriculture, Goethean Science continues to make an impact to this day, and it is all intrinsically tied to the alchemical mindset.

Ranked among the great alchemical poets and playwrights like Shakespeare, Milton and Dante', Goethe's rendition of the age-old tale of Dr. Faust selling his soul has maintained itself as one of the single greatest alchemical texts that we have in the modern era, and he spent decades of his life perfecting it. But when he wasn't writing his version of Faust, he was a scientist that was making great strides in botany, color theory and much more, his name in science coming up along names like Isaac Newton (another alchemist) and Renee Descartes. And as if those associations weren't impressive already, Goethe even served to heavily inspire some legendary esoteric names such as Carl Jung and Manly P Hall (names that come up often on this show) as well as Rudolph Steiner.

Join me this week as we immerse ourselves fully in the alchemical process!

This week's featured music -- don't forget to support all your favorite independent artists!

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