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BHA42: Philly's Houses of Horror & Torture - Heidnik & Graham

This week is another true-crime rabbit hole, as we discuss the strange and somewhat unexplainable tales of the murderers Gary Heidnik and Harrison Graham -- two men that captured and killed women in their North Philly homes at the same times between 1986-87.

Heidnik was not only some of the "inspiration" for Buffalo Bill in the Silence of the Lambs, but he was also dubbed the "Monster Preacher", owed to the fact that he actually held weekly church sermons at the same house where several women were imprisoned in his basement. There was at least one known congregation member that even helped Heidnik with his tortures.

Graham was a mentally-handicapped drug addict living in the projects of North Philly, around an area that was known for its heavy drug trafficking. The community knew Graham for his childlike and somewhat unpredictable behavior, constantly carrying around a Cookie Monster hand-puppet and talking to the children of the neighborhood among other strange things. This man eventually, through circumstances never well understood, began abducting and murdering women from the neighborhood, in order to keep them in the second bedroom of his apartment as a sort of disturbing mausoleum.

Join me as we discuss the stories of these men further, including their crimes, arrests and states-of-mind. What the hell was going on here in these Philly Houses of Horror? Just pure coincidence? There was absolutely no evidence ever found to even suggest that these two men knew anything about each other, so where does this leave us? Does hate float?

All this and more this week!

This week's featured music -- don't forget to support your favorite black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!

some show notes on Heidnik

some show notes on Graham


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