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BHA41: Israel Keyes - Satanic Alaskan Serial Killer

This episode, after heavy considerations of mysticism, trance states, dreams, abnormal psychology, possession, and even some true crime, we are jumping full-on into the serial killer rabbit to discuss the killer I grew up with -- well, he was stalking the hiking trails I grew up on and murdered a barista downtown while I was in high school.

This infamous and cowardly murderer is one of two Alaskan serial killers: Israel Keyes (the other one being Robert Hansen) and not only did I grow up in his hunting grounds, my dad actually polygraphed his last victim's boyfriend and father, along with other work done on the case for the Anchorage Police Department. The victim's name was Samantha Koenig, and this was the impulsive kidnap-abduction-murder that would ultimately end with Keyes writing bad poetry and slitting his wrists in a prison cell.

It's believed (though not confirmed) that Keyes murdered eleven people, but police were unequivocally certain of three. Samantha was not only the last victim, but the only victim actually taken by Keyes in Alaska. Although he'd planned for the options of more in the future, for the prior ten murders he'd kept several rules that he'd maintained, including: no kills in his home state, no children, no cell phones, and cash from bank robberies only. He's also know known for his heavy reliance on what are dubbed as "murder kits", which were literally serial-killing-buried-treasure full of all the essentials for his job and kept track of with maps. And if all that wasn't enough, he was a self-proclaimed Satanist as well!

Join me as we summarize Keyes' profile, backstory, and timeline, even getting into some philosophy and esotericism along the way.

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