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BHA21: Unexplainable Phenomena, Surrealism & Mental Health (feat. AP Strange)

This time around, the show gets pretty X-Files-ish with my colleague, AP Strange -- a writer, researcher, investigator, and collector of Forteana. Strange gives us a brief history of Charles Fort and the ideas of "Fortean" investigation and phenomena, which essentially encompasses anything unexplainable with some shades of specificity that we'll get into.

Armed with an impressive Fortean library, AP Strange knows well about eclectic researchers and their strange obsessions throughout the years, whether it be UFOs, cryptids, or poltergeists, and this man can easily be considered a walking Fortean library himself. Additionally, he's had his own wild Fortean experiences that he tells us about, and he recommends further topics of research that you may not have ever heard of.

Phantom clowns abducting children? Silent black helicopters and an outbreak of cattle mutilations? Poltergeists, Loch Ness, and spontaneous combustion? What about UFOs and abductions and Men in Black? We've got it all in this episode as well discuss the unexplainable, the surreal, and where to draw the line with your own mental health. Being fascinated with these things is all a part of the human experience -- we love folklore and mythology and trying to figure things out for ourselves -- but we must be careful to not slip headfirst down the rabbit hole, losing ourselves in paranoia and the foolish quest for the ultimate truth. Where do these things come from? Is it all in our heads, or something more? What about both options?

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