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BHA12: Mysticism, Magick & Skepticism (feat. Justin Otto)

Get ready to get down to the brass tacks of mysticism, magick, and the religious experience. Firstly, what is the difference between these three, and how do things like dreams, psychedelic drugs, and hypnosis fit into it all? Another way to describe this is as an episode about altered states of consciousness and adaptation.

With dreams, we use symbols to quantify emotional values with contexts and scenarios not usually found in our everyday lives. We use them to meet needs otherwise unmet. But through hypnosis and uses of these archetypal symbols meant to trigger and quantify states of consciousness, magick and mysticism might not be as far from the scientific spectrum as the skeptic may think. After all, belief and doubt are not ultimatums — they are tools to use at will. Justin and I also talk a fair amount about addiction therapy and recovery, and how truly mystical this experience can be. With neuroscience, Buddhism, Hermeticism, and historical perspective, we hack through New Age bullshit and cult leader propaganda to discuss what ACTUAL mysticism and magick means in the 21st century. Are gods just viruses? What is the difference between placebo and will? How would you know how real a god isn’t if you can’t even prove how real you currently are? No lording here — just some well research and perspectives as food for thought! We hope you dig it. Support that underground black hoodie rap! If It Ain’t Real (feat DJ Grasshoppa) – Umang The System – Babylon Warchild Dharma Junkie


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