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BHA10: Christianity, Gnosticism & Alchemy (feat Alex of Natural Born Alchemist)

This week's episode is released a bit late on account of me being bedridden with a stomach virus -- it was goddamn terrible. This chat was recorded before it hit me, but not before I had prepared it for release at all, so here it is a couple days late!

It's a chat with my good friend Alex that started open-ended with some cannabis smoke and led us into a conversation analyzing Christianity, the Gnostic idea of the Abrahamic god as the Demi-Urge, alchemy in Hermeticism and the Abrahamic religions, and shamanic psychedelic rites relating to these religions.

I'll leave it at that this time around and I hope you tune in next week when I'm back in full health! Cheers.

And don't forget to check out Alex's show, Natural Born Alchemist!


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