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Altruistic Fabrications on 'Out of the Blank'

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

A summary written by host of the Out of the Blank Podcast, Robbie Robertson (with his title as well):

"The power you want is sometimes the type that you might not be capable to hold, but the looks and perks it has can take you down a road you might not be ready to go down. Anthony joins me once again to talk about a sense of altruism that people seem to have a faint whiff of... but is just industry manufacturing."

I'm pleased to have sat back down with Robbie to hash out 21st century metaphysics some more, talking about the pros and cons found in memetics aka the study of "mind viruses", the differences between a meme and an archetype, and some considerations of how to dissect the differences between altruism, snake-oil, and survival. Physics of the psyche! It is important to learn the tools of the psyche's trade (i.e. creating yourself) like you would any other trade.

You can see me squirm in the spotlight here on youtube:

Or listen in on spotify or wherever else you listen to your podcasts! All right here:


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