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Adaptation, Morality & the Unexplainable on 'Spirit Box'

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

For my second time around with host, Darragh Mason of the Spirit Box podcast, I give my word-vomit to untangle and deconstruct evil and demonology as best I can from the empirical point of view. And to understand both, we must consider good and divination as well.

Fighting over subjective symbols has been done before, and it doesn't get us anywhere --so what about the practical outcomes of adaptational pressures? Where is the line drawn between self-righteous and predatory nature? Where does one god end and one demon begin?

And morality is just the start, because once we sift through the debris and find the remnants of a tangible reality within the notions of good and evil, we still have to consider just what a demon really could be...

I hope you enjoy! And remember that everything has an equal and opposite reaction--discussion of demonology should, in a way, give you some hope. That's the way I see it, at least.

There's plenty of good out there too.

Or check out my spotify playlist with this interview and nearly all the others I've done:


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