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2: Narco Satanicos - Cartel Drug Running & Black Magick

This week, I set the tone briefly with some of the philosophies of Philip K. Dick and considerations of Gnosticism and existential horror. Then, we dive right into some of the craziest shit I have ever heard of in my life: the tale of Adolfo Constanzo and his small but very active cult of black magick serial killers. What do you get when you combine a very crazy and charismatic young man with ancient Cuban spirit craft, sacrifices, hexes, cauldrons of flesh, and even Mexican cartel drug running? Have a listen and find out -- and remember why mostly all of us should be thankful for the lives we live!

If you were intrigued by the story, I invite you to check out my book Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana, where I discuss Constanzo and the esoteric side of other true-crime names.

And the homie Duncan Schuler produced a fat beat for my theme song too, so go check out some of the music he's produced and support indie artists! NEW VEW DEW.

Some basic additional material on Constanzo:


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