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UFOs & Metaphysics on 'Mind Escape'

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

For my third time around with Mike and Maurice on the Mind Escape Podcast, we take about 80 minutes to really untangle the more complex side of the UFO debate: the metaphysical.

To not mince words, there is a growing amount of empirical evidence to suggest that UFO's are not nuts-and-bolts technology, nor are they from other planets. There's even a possibility that UFO's don't really have pilots, although we can't deny that strange beings are often associated with the sightings.

Perhaps, more than anything UFO's are like visceral, waking dreams that call into question the ontology of our very psyches.

We get into what role and disservice (at times) hypnotherapy plays in this discussion, and we take a look at Jung's perspective on UFO's and their association with the psychological shadow-complex.

Furthermore, we tackle some of the tough questions this raises about the nuts-and-bolts argument. What is the government talking about with their whispers of information and possible tech? Is it a lie, half-true, or what? Why couldn't both a metaphysical phenomena and a literal space traveler be happening at the same time? What does this mean about abduction cases?

And, of course, this conversation simply couldn't be completed without discussing chaos theory! We talk about all this and more in our conversation. I hope you enjoy it.

You can find the video link to our chat recorded live right here:

You can find it on spotify right here (also available on apple and anywhere else you listen to your podcasts):

And if you're lookin for some more juice, you can find the playlist of nearly all of my interviews right here (and you can find essentially all of these wherever you listen to your podcasts.)


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