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Triumphs & Traumas of the Inner Child on 'Lighting the Void'

Being friends with Joe, host of Lighting the Void, I have a bit of an open-door policy on his show. I've been on his show twice this year, once in January and once more recently in February. Some might think this is February's show at first glance, but this is January's. Stay tuned for the next release! I was just a little late getting this one out.

This time around, Joe and I talk about a variety of different things, all focused around the shadow and the archetypal child within us all. See, the shadow is that which lacks self-identification, and while some of those psychological aspects can be ominous, a great deal of these aspects represent underdevelopments of our psyche, character, and personality. Taking up arms against these things would not only be counter-productive, but disastrous. When doing something like shadow-work (meaning to come to terms with aspects of yourself that lack a necessary self identification, or coming to terms detrimental aspects of our current self identification) it is of the utmost importance to learn the difference between the adversaries and the inner child.

We also reference a think-piece I wrote called "The Abyss Stares Back", and we talk a bit about my unexpected hiatus over the holidays. And if this has primed your interest, then I invite you to listen in to our chat!

You can listen to this chat wherever you download or stream your podcasts, but the spotify link is right here.

I hope you dig it!


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