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Trances, OBE's & Even Some Randonautica on 'Lighting the Void'

This time around, my latest conversation with Joe on Lighting the Void we try to sift through the intrigue and half-truths of concepts like remote-viewing and out-of-body experiences, and we even talk a bit about Randonautica, the curious app that trended on tiktok during the pandemic. Now, before some of your roll your eyes at mentioning tiktok, you should look into this one a little bit if you haven't. The app, independent from its social media trending, was developed by a chaos magician fascinated with how computer algorithms could interact with the metaphysical in the same way that the esoteric magician seeks to change the world around them through their intentions.

We also talk a bit about Burning Man, and my upcoming radio show that I'll be hosting for the Fringe FM entitled, Black Hoodie Alchemy.

You can listen to the episode on Spotify here, and you can find it on any other platforms you prefer to listen to podcasts on!


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