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The Hulkamaniacal Muscle Tornado & Bayou Jones (feat. Martin Ferretti)

This week features the wrap-up of our introduction to "The League of Extordniary Gentlemen" with two special guests: Muscle Tornado and Bayou Jones. And once again, my colleague Martin Ferretti fills in for me while I'm off solving extraordinary Indiana-Jones-esque ancient mysteries!

First we Tippy's Patson's recruit, Muscle Tornado -- a " spiritual warrior for Jesus" that loves DMT, numerology, and Hulk Hogan. Not only is pro wrestling a very real sport to him with real consequences, it is literally the war of God and the Devil incarnate. These wrestlers, he argues, are the mortal totems that represent a warfare throughout the ages.

Next we'll meet Bayou Jones -- an old moonshiner mystic, one of Tippy's oldest friends, and a man who was allegedly raised by some kindly alligators. This interview is a bit shorter, on account of Bayou's incoherence from all crack cocaine he smokes during the chat. And if you're not on the Tippy Patson train yet, understand that this is a for sure super duper real group of dummies hanging out in the Florida Everglades, wrestling what they're convinced are shapeshifting Illuminati gators! That's right -- they're too stupid to be a cult but too organized to just be regular swamp people, and they're always a fun time.

Lastly, with the time to spare I tell a story of some of my elderly step-uncles landing on an episode of Alaska State Troopers. Season 3, Episode 6: Madman Manhunt! Fast forward to the final story of the episode and you'll find them trying to steal scrap metal from the dump after dark, and I give you the details that the state trooper couldn't figure out. It's this and more insanity this week.

And don't forget to listen to Black Hoodie Alchemy #14, 30, 32, 33, and 34 for the rest of The League of Extordniary Gentlemen's escapades!

And this week's featured music is nearly all from my homies, Negative Blast. They're an amazing mash of the melodic and beatdown qualities that you find on both ends of the punk rock spectrum -- and they keep it old school. I really love what they're doing.


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