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The Butterfly Effect & the Fortean on 'Beyond the Strange'

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Recently I was invited onto "Beyond the Strange" live talkshow, hosted by Dave Cruz and Russ Bailey. With the two of them having a fascination with researching and investigating the paranormal --from hauntings, to poltergeists, to UFOs, and such-- the three of us had a fun conversation about the role of chaos theory and mysticism in understanding these other unexplainable topics.

Chaos theory, while not a universal theory-of-everything, is quintessential to understanding the seemingly-random from an existentialist point-of-view. Just like the flap of a butterfly's wings causing a typhoon halfway around the world, the human mind can do fantastic things --and also just like the flap of a butterfly's wings causing that typhoon, just because we might not be able to tell the cause from our human vantage point, doesn't mean it didn't happen like so.

Lasso the moon!

You can watch/listen to our conversation here on youtube or twitch! I hope you dig it.


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