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Serial Killers, Black Magick & Alchemy on 'Natural Born Alchemist'

This is the second time around for me on the Natural Born Alchemist Podcast, where the host Alex and I have a thorough 90 min crossover chat about serial killers, analytic psychology, black magick, demonology, and alchemy. Instead of just a bunch of fluff, we really try to tackle the idea of the serial killer through the lens of Jungian psychology and philosophy as thoroughly as we can—and for anyone interested in such a crossover subject, I think we have provided some interesting food for thought!

Some of the names tossed around are the classics: Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Gayce, David Berkowitz, Dennis Rader, Jack and the Yorkshire Ripper, and as the wildcard outlier: infamous mafia hitman Richard Kuklinksi, known for killing anywhere from 50 to maybe 150 people in his career (depending on who you ask). We also dabble in cult leaders (a sneak peek to our Part 2 conversation coming soon) and we discuss Charles Manson a bit.

This was a particularly fun conversation for me, and I hope it proves as fun to listen to!

Check out Alex's website and our conversation right here at this link:

Or check our serial killer chat right here on my playlist along with all my other interviews on spotify:

OR find this podcast episode to stream on apple or anywhere you get your podcasts from!


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