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Psychedelic UFO Doc I'm Featured In!

From March 10th to the 12th, Roswell New Mexico held its annual UFOXPO Conference where people of all stripes and ideas gathered to celebrate one thing: the investigation of the unexplainable phenomena surrounding UFOs and whatever may be piloting them.

Among open-panels, research discussions, and general congregating, there were also several UFO documentaries shown, and the Mind Escape podcast's new documentary was debuted, entitled As Within So Without: From UFOs to DMT. Not only was it generally well received, but it actually won the People's Choice Award of the whole conference! So quickly: congratulations to everyone involved, and particularly to Mike Mazzei and Maurice Hogan for putting it all together!

Those full entrenched in the nuts-and-bolts theories of the UFO might find this idea a bit out of the norm, but it is certainly not a new one. Initiated in the modern day by minds like Carl Jung, Jacques Vallee, and John Keel, the idea of the UFO being something far more paranormal than physical is compelling and not without its weight.

After all, if one is to consider unexplainable phenomena at all, the paranormal can't be set aside -- and when we consider the supposed physicality of ghosts and poltergeists as examples, physical manifestations from seemingly non-physical causes aren't entirely out of the question.

But what does this all this mean? Are they projections of the mind? Something potentially more metaphysical? And regardless of the other questions, should these things be trusted? Are they helpful, are they tricksters, are they devilish? What would analytic psychology say about the UFO? What does it represent?

This documentary is full of both accredited scientists, avid researchers, including myself, but also including great minds like Dr. Rick Strassman (Dr. DMT himself), Dr. Andrew Gallimore (, Dr. Gregory Little, and researchers and experiencers like Martin Ferretti (The Alchemical Mind), PD Newman (Angels in Vermillion: From Dee to DMT), RN Vooght (DMT: Deities, Myth, & Tryptamines), Seriah Azkath (Where Did the Road Go?), Christopher Wolford, Leah Prime and many more!

You can see the Director's Cut in its full length by subscribing to their Patreon, where you'll receive a whole hell of a lot more content than just the documentary!


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