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Practically all My Guest Chats on 'Spotify'

So, here are all my chats and interviews (aside from a handful that you can find in my posts here on this website) on one Spotify playlist, like 55 hrs hours long. I'd be real surprised if anyone listened to all of it, but now you can get your pick of the litter.

Forteana, esoterica, mysticism, CG Jung, paranormal, the unexplainable, existentialism, neuroscience, anthropology, hypnosis, true-crime, demonology, hysteria -- these are all topics I cover in my talks and more! All covered through the lens of logic, empiricism, and open-mindedness. These topics are also covered in varying degrees in my books Dive Manual and Hunt Manual, so if you like what you're hearing then grab a couple copies while you're at it!

Can also be found on apple, speaker, stitcher, etc etc but I'm not making playlists for all that!


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