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Philosophy, Mental Health & the Sick Soul on 'Alkalise 2 Realise'

Recently I sat down with Gaby, a host of a newer UK podcast, 'Alkalise 2 Realise.' This channel is normally very focused on the spiritual side of physical health, with diets and cleanses and more, and I should make a friendly disclaimer that physical/dietary health is out of my wheelhouse in terms of research. I am a pretty healthy person overall, and I try to take care of myself, but simply when it comes to data and research and having podcast chats, my jurisdiction is certainly not physical/dietary health and I can't really comment on it one way or the other.

However, they asked me to come onto their show to talk about the "psycho" side of "psychosomatic" health. Even the most staunchly skeptical doctors and psychiatrists today will readily admit the mind-body connection of health, and these days mental health is becoming more recognized as something just as important as physical health. Certainly, the evidence is clear that the mind and body work in tandem, and when one suffers, the other does as well.

So join us for a practical discussion of philosophy, metaphysics, the mechanics of belief, and mental health. From trauma and neurosis, to neurological ailments, addictions, and dreams, we cover a wide range of topics to highlight empirically how/why it is important to learn the basics of the "mental health trade" the same way you should learn the basics of how to keep your car running or how to keep your body running!

But as a final disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional either, and I am not giving any official advice or counsel. For further results, even with your spiritual practices, I advocate finding a therapist you get along with for additional support. I have a fascination with philosophy and psychology, as well as a long personal history with these two topics -- so what I can do is share my experiences, my research, my viewpoints of the world, and how it has helped me.

To listen to our conversation, click the link here!

Note, this is a facebook-specific post, and cannot be listened to on spotify, apple, or anywhere else you get your podcasts, unfortunately. But who doesn't have a facebook these days, anyway?

I hope you enjoy.


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