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On 'The Alchemical Mind'

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

In this interview, I join host Martin Ferretti on his show, The Alchemical Mind. Martin is a bit of an adept in philosophy, esotericism, and occultism, with specific leanings towards the manifold symbols and doctrines found in the study of alchemy (of the psychological variety, although we do briefly discuss some of the theoretical possibilities in real metallurgic transmutation.)

Among other things, we discuss my contentions with the snobby, snake-oily narcissists that can be found throughout New Age, organized religion, and yes even in esotericism. We also discuss empirical investigations of mysticism like disease, mental illness, dreams, psychedelic trips (especially related to ceremony and ritual) and philosophize about what modern science can tell us about consciousness in relationship to archetypes, personality, and self identity.

You can listen to the full interview and subscribe to Martin's podcast here:


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