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On 'Mind Escape'

I join co-hosts Mike and Maurice this time around, on their podcast "Mind Escape," a fascinating interview-based podcast that discusses all things unexplainable quite thoroughly and scientifically, while maintaining an open mind and a sense of curiosity.

Unedited with video so you can watch me squirm in the spotlight. Also can be found on apple, spotify, spreaker, stitcher, et cetera. Mike and Maurice were both conversational and well-informed, and had some warm reception for my book, Dive Manual.

So, what if unexplainable sightings and phenomena come from trance states of consciousness, your mind projecting experiences like a waking dream? Sounds very schizophrenic, but there's every bit of evidence to suggest that this is exactly what your aliens, cryptids, angels and demons really are (shadow ppl of sleep paralysis being just one great example.) But this of course only raises far more questions than it answers. Listen in for a real thorough discussion about these questions...


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