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On 'Aeon Bye Gnostic Radio'

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

My conversation with Miguel Conner and his colleague Vince on the classic underground esoteric broadcast, Aeon Gnostic Byte. Not only did Miguel read the book, but he had some very glowing things to say about its research and imagery. Here we talk about CG Jung, hypnosis and ceremony, dream analysis, the story of Chris McCandless (popularized by the book and movie, Into the Wild), free will vs determinism, and what science can tell us about the sentience of gods, goddesses, angels and demons (spoiler alert, it can tell us many fascinating things that further the discussion, but ultimately humans of course still have no idea empirically.)

I am looking forward to my next conversation with this incredible modern-day Gnostic. Miguel has a very calming personality and a great voice for broadcasting.


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