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Mechanics of Belief on 'Spirit Box'

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

This time around I sat down with Darragh Mason, a man in the UK of many talents, some of which include photography, podcasting, philosophy, and esotericism, and is a developer of the unique and innovative app/website: the Sigil Engine.

In the capacity of our conversation, I sit down with him as host of the Spirit Box podcast.

And you can find a link to his website here:

So, for our first time talking, we briefly go into my inspirations behind my book Dive Manual and what got me going down the path I’ve been headed down. After introductions though, we dive into some deeper concepts, like magical thinking’s role in the realm of empirical study. How have imagination, dreams, art, and expression of belief in general shaped the human experience? The real question is: how have they not?

From UFO’s to cryptozoology, demonology and divination, to romance, addiction, trauma, and therapy, we look at this variety of topics all with the recurring themes of faith, belief, gnosis, and empiricism.

I had a great time, and in his paywall section of the show, we get into Clive Barker and horror fiction in relationship to real-life demonology and analytic psychology.

I hope you dig it!


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