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Jungian Analysis, Poltergeists & More on 'Afterlife Solutions'

For a fun paranormal-heavy chat, I join host Liam Cupkovic on his paranormal live-stream talkshow, 'Afterlife Solutions,' and his friend and sometimes-cohosts, Bob and Laura Antone. The Antones are fortean investigators and artists with big hearts and a wonderful creative streak, and Liam is a paranormal investigator and medium in the UK.

Even for a skeptic that would callously roll their eyes at the idea of a medium, it's extremely hard to deny how articulate and grounded Liam is about his methods and investigations. I don't claim to know much about experiencing mediumship, but he talks about some of his experiences and I help break some of it down from a psychoanalytic point of view that doesn't explain everything, but helps provide a crucial, demonstrable context for these unexplainable aspects of the psyche and why they can be so hit-or-miss. This is an especially good episode for the skeptic as much as the believer -- you might not be entirely swayed from the conversation, but there will be more than enough grounded, empirical, peer-reviewed food for thought here.

We also have similar parts of the conversation about dream analysis, premonitions, and more from a Jungian standpoint, including hauntings, and poltergeists.

Dislcaimer: I do not claim to have all the answers or full understanding of all things unexplainable--that would be ridiculous. But I have no issue saying that, at least in rare cases, a variety of unexplainable and paranormal phenomena are entirely real. The skeptic denies it not because it doesn't happen, but because they don't understand how it happens from their point of view, and they can't measure the processes with their instruments to their own satisfaction. But that doesn't mean that there aren't unexplainable results and occurrences. And instead of materialistically surmising, "I don't get how it's possible so it can't be true,", perhaps it should be approached from another angle. Oftentimes, the existentialist point of view provides the real meaty context for the unexplainable.

Dislcaimer Part II: This is absolutely not a wholesale advocacy of something like "mediumship." There are a great deal of charlatans, snake-oil salesman, and cult-leader wannabes out there... but that, of course, does not mean that there aren't good people around that are able to tap into certain things (with human limitations) with enough practice. Liam is a great example of one of the good ones!

And some of the interesting, anomalous, poltergeist, true-crime-esque (at times) case studies that I bring up as food for thought are:

- Poltergeist of Virginia Campbell -- Sauchie, Scotland, 1960

- Church Street Poltergeist of Peter Page - St. Catherine's, Canada, 1970

- Possession of Anneliese Michel - Bavaria, Germany, 1976

- Unexplained Murder of Cynthia Hack James - BC, Canada, 1989

- Poltergeist of Ernie Rivers - Newark, New Jersey, 1961

- Shared Madness' of the Erikkson Sisters - Manchester, UK, 2008

- And the crazy, wildcard, compelling case of whether Teresita Basa actually solved her own murder case from beyond the grave in Chicago, 1977.

All of these cases are chosen for: the litany of eyewitness accounts from friends and family; the vast amount of media attention they got DESPITE people associated with the cases not wanting to talk about the details; the detailed reports given by many people, including a variety of officials, including journalists, doctors, and even police officers.

This chat was recorded live to Facebook, so if you'd like to sign in to view/save the chat, the link is right here! Important to note that it is not on spotify or other podcast platforms.

I loved the conversation and it was a real pleasure to be invited back on the show!

You can also find our first conversation here:


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