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Diving into Shadow on 'Lighting the Void'

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Recently I sat down for another conversation with good ol Joe Rupe on Lighting the Void radio. This time around, we really focused on the shadow. This is a tricky subject, and luckily we had nearly two hours to hash it out.

The shadow is a Jungian term, meaning the unknown or "dark" side of the personality, and it is one major aspect of our unconscious mind (but certainly not the only aspect.) This means, in effect, that our chat takes us into the symbolism of the Tree of Death and the dark side of the alchemical process.

Crank up your Slayer, light your smokes, and drink your liquor straight from the bottle for this episode! No Law of Attraction here: we are steeping ourselves in the dark side because sometimes the best kind of therapy is exposure therapy. Grab the devil by the horns, conquer your fears, embrace your shadow! And remember that the shadow is not inherently evil in and of itself--something that we thoroughly explain.

You can find the spotify link to the conversation here:

And you can find it on youtube here:


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