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Discussing the Goblin Universe on 'In Search of Reality'

Recently I joined Dylan Thomas once again on his show, 'In Search of Reality.'

I had a wonderful time, Dylan is a real fun guy and a great host. We always manage to get into some really wild subject matter too! Dylan titled the talk "Umbrella Phenomena" (listen here), which is a great description of the comparisons we make in many different schools of thought. Another term for it is the Goblin Universe, a term that has been tossed around a bit before and used the most by the late Fortean investigator FW Holiday. In short, is has a great deal to do with my book Hunt Manual, and the relationship that paranormal phenomena has to dreams, the psyche, trance states, and even psychotropic drugs. This conversation even manages to include discussions of UFOs and cryptids!

Have a listen, I hope you dig it!


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