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Discussing HUNT MANUAL on 'Where Did the Road Go?'

In November, I was invited onto Seriah Azkath's long-running radio show, Where Did the Road Go? Known for his deep interests in the paranormal, unexplainable and psychological, Seriah and his guest-host Taylor Bell (host of The Green Lion) were kind enough to read my latest book Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana, and they had great things to say about it.

Their reads of the book made for some thorough and really enjoyable questions about the concepts in the book like modern-day demonology and archetypal psychology, as well as the empirical cases of paranormal activity documented in police reports and other documentation, even digging into some ufology and cryptozoology as well! Ultimately, we try to strike at the implications that the unconscious mind, archetypal psychology, and modern science have to say in the realms of all these unexplainable topics. Empiricism can't explain every angle of these topics, but it can certainly help us navigate them in a way that is indispensable.

I was really grateful to come back on Where Did the Road Go for a second time, and I'm looking forward to my hopefully eventual third round!

You can listen to it wherever you stream your podcasts, and you can find it on spotify right here.

You can watch it on youtube right here.


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