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Discussing Good, Evil, & Chaos Theory on 'The Alchemical Mind'

Here's my latest conversation with my friend and fellow aficionado of philosophy and comic-books, Martin Ferretti, host of the podcast 'The Alchemical Mind'!

Heavy-hitter topics this time around: good, evil, and thermodynamics. Good and evil aren't non-existent, but culture and religion have convoluted it a whole hell of a lot, taking the conversation too far away from the legitimate physics of the situation. With plenty of back-and-forth here, Martin is extremely fluent in these subjects and easy-going in his approach -- and I think we really bring some great food for thought there.

You can find it on apple, spotify, or wherever else podcasts are posted.

Bringing it back the Old Testament, we discuss the confusing web of misconceptions that has led God to equalling objectivity, authority, the “greater good”, truth, and good; and Satan equalling subjectivity, individualism, selfishness, lies, and evil. It is an exploration of the misconceptions about the beliefs that have helped develop the society and culture we live in, and the whole conversation brings us quite directly to the realms of chaos theory, thermodynamics, and the unconscious mind.

That evil is associated with subjectivity and individualism (“know thyself”) and that all these things are associated with falsehoods and lies raises a variety of red flags and logical errors, errors that weren’t even perpetrated by the Abrahamic religions’ original thinkers.

What do I mean?

It’s not just misinterpretations of symbols, but translational errors as well. People would do well to understand that historians often do not agree on a variety of translations from ancient languages, the Old Testament included, and furthermore the historian’s perspective on the Old Testament is much different than the priest’s.

And, if you really wanna go down the rabbit hole, become a member of The Alchemical Mind's patreon and get a whole host of material -- including the second part of our talk, regarding UFOs. Only $1, well worth it!

Here is a sneak peak:

1) Is the UFO and the alien physical at all? How likely is it that they come from other planets instead of coming from within our psyches? And does this make them hallucinations, a waking-dream, or what?

2) How much has the total misuse of "hypnotic regression" destroyed the credibility of a lot of ufological data? Does hypnotic regression even produce anything empirical at all?

3) people often wonder if we can trust the government, but -- if aliens do exist and have visited people, why is anyone convinced that we could/should trust what they say? Actually in most stories of alien encounters, they speak abjectly misleading nonsense.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.



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