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Deep 'See' Diving on 'Pragmagick'

This time around, I sat down with Keats Ross, host of the “PragMagick” Podcast, to have a very heavy metaphysical, mystical, and magickal discussion. Ranging from topics to the differences between mysticism, magick, and new-age; the mishmash of usefulness and waste found within divinations like astrology and tarot; the specifics of “chaos magick”; the concept of “shadow-work” what it means, why you should familiarize yourself with it, and why you also shouldn’t take it too far; and why belief, utilized properly, is an adaptation mechanism. At its best, belief is the butterfly recognizing its potential to create a typhoon halfway around the world.

We also take the time to discuss drug addiction and rehabilitation as it relates to mysticism, and we discuss doubt and struggle within the human condition.

The hero’s journey was never meant to be easy, but it’s always worth embarking on.

As chaos magician, Peter J. Carroll once wrote, “As belief in one's capabilities self-evidently leads to increasing capabilities, magicians consider it worthwhile to believe in their ability to accomplish the impossible, even if they only succeed at this occasionally.”

Keats was also kind enough to read through all of Dive Manual, and had a great deal of kind words to say, some of which he wrote here:

"Dive Manual uses the framing of deep sea exploring to compare theology, esotericism, psychedelia, psychology and philosophy into a heavy tome, a wam-bam-thank-you-mam primer for those that have an itch, inkling and need to begin their journey inward. I’ve come across many primers before, but Anthony’s seems to be of the time, tarrying on that tight rope of skepticism, research and phenomena. So slither hither weirdos and witches, and welcome Anthony Tyler to this Pragmagick liminalstream."

You can listen to our chat here:

Or you can find my spotify playlist with 45 hrs of research-oriented conversation and interviews right here:

I hope you enjoy!


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