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Chaos Magick & Forteana on 'Lighting the Void'

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Here I am for a second round of conversation with the homie Joe Rupe on "Lighting the Void" Radio. We take the time to expand upon our last conversation, and strike to the heart of what ties paranormal phenomena, psychology, and metaphysics all together: chaos theory.

We discuss a bit of chaos theory, as well as chaos magick and some of the prolific minds surrounding it, like Peter Carroll, Grant Morrison, and Allen Moore.

What does something like "results-based magick/metaphysics" look like practically speaking? What can it tell us about our evolutionary context, and what can it tell us about the unexplainable, like reports of ghosts, aliens, and cryptids? Using scientific empiricism and occam's razor to guide us here, the results might not be as far-fetched as you think.

Joe was also too gracious in calling my book Dive Manual, "Carl Jung Meets Hunter S. Thompson". He also elaborated more saying that it reads very densely yet still very entertaining. What a guy! Thanks, Joe.

Here is the link to the conversation on stitcher, which can also be found on spotify, apple, or anywhere you stream a podcast these days.


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