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Black Hoodie Alchemy #1: God Wears a Black Hoodie

Welcome to the first episode of Black Hoodie Alchemy, airing Monday evenings 6pm PST on the Fringe.FM! I am your host, Anthony Tyler, researcher of esoterica and forteana (comparative religion and unexplainable phenomena in less specific terms.) I've written two books and been on some prominent indie talkshows like "Where Did the Road Go?", "Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio", "Lighting the Void", et cetera, and I have a fascination with the dark and obscured side of things.

The episode is titled 'God Wears a Black Hoodie,' and you can listen to it on Spotify or Apple.

This episode discusses the idea of faith in general as both a demonstrable adaptation mechanism and also sometimes a demonstrable mental illness. Sometimes it's one or the other, and sometimes it's both. We also talk a little bit about the archetypes of God and the Devil, true crime and cult leaders, and cryptozoology. Of course these things aren't directly related, but from the perspective of psychology and chaos theory, you'll be surprised by all the subtler themes you'll find.

We also bring up my four favorite men to reference: Carl Jung, Jacques Vallee, John Keel, and Manly Hall, and we read through some words of the last two.

Come steep yourself in some subtle noir vibes, existential horror, psychedelia, and philosophy, all with the intentions of relaxing and purging some of our darker thoughts for constructive reasons.


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