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BHA97: Investigating Parapsychology, Remote Viewing & Supernatural Abilities

This week on Black Hoodie Alchemy, my cohort Seedperson1 and I build off of the discussions we've had in the last two episodes (shoutout to Chris Fiato!) as we dive into the history of modern parapsychology. What did these diligent scientists -- funded by the prestigious Duke University -- find out about extra-sensory perception over their decades of study?

Get your inner X-Man on this episode as we talk about people being tested in labs for telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, telekinesis, and more! We also try and understand the distinctions between what one might call ESP and what one might call "mysticism" or "spiritualism" involving trance states.

It's a bit of psychology, statistics, sociology, pharmacology, chaos theory, maybe some quantum theory, a lot of Jungian and Hermetic sentiments, and so much more coming together this week as we dive down this historical rabbit-hole and sink our teeth into the meat of the data.



This week's featured music is from the homies Ronnie Pontiac and Tamra Lucid -- the duo of LUCID NATION (and both students and friends of the late great esoteric philosopher Manly P. Hall)!


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