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BHA94: Tippy P & Joe Rupe Attempt to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

This week on Black Hoodie Alchemy, we are taking a break from the dark character studies and metaphysical deep-dives to catch up with our old friend, Tippy Patson -- the redneck mystic extraordinaire who is NOT me with a modulated voice! Unfortunately (like usual when it comes to Tippy) I was unable to make it to this recording, but thankfully Joe Rupe was able to fill in for me! The twist here is that Joe was a bit tired of trying to put up with Tippy's bizarre and surrealist philosophies, so in order to stomach it, he brought Tippy onto a videogame livestream broadcast on his Lighting the Void Youtube channel.



That's right, for the first time ever, this Tippy Patson chat was recorded live! This specific podcast episode was edited for a punchier listening experience, but if you'd like to watch the entire livestream, you can check that out right here: TIPPY AND JOE LIVE STREAM VIDEO OF THIS CONVO.


The game they played was World War Z, (based on the bad movie based on the good book) and they attempted to see how long they could survive on Horde Mode, which is an equivalent to the old school Call of Duty zombie modes.


As they played, they caught up on Tippy's travels to NYC and his adventures with NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, they discuss what has become of Tippy's League of Extordnairy Gents and what his future plans are, and we get more into Tippy's redneck philosophies about reading the future in cow shit, praising Henry Ford, and saving the world from shapeshifting Illuminati alligators! Joe also tries to ask Tippy more questions about his past with dubious results.


We hope you dig it and have a laugh this week! You've never heard a podcast like this one, that's for sure.




This week's featured music are from the talented homie Chris Fiato! Don't forget to support all your favorite independent artists.


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