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BHA90: Family Curses, Epigenetics & Horticulture of the Psyche (feat. Seedperson1 & Chris Fiato)

Welcome back, folks! This week on Black Hoodie Alchemy, we have the final installment of the post-patreon infusion to the main feed. Yes, the patreon was a thing we tried for a couple months, but decided to conserve our energy and momentum for one feed for the time being.

I'm joined once again by my cohorts, Seedperson1 and Chris Fiato, as we continue to unpack the concepts revolving around what we are calling 'Existential Alchemy in Practice.' We've discussed surreal and unexplainable memories from childhood, the strange modern-day concept of "lost media" and how this relates to surreal memories, black mirror philosophy and the concept of wild internet rabbit-holes, and much more.

This week, we bring all this into the discussion of family curses and epigenetics - using modern science to try and understand older folk magick and philosophies - and the overall idea of 'horticulture of the psyche.'

Since horticulture as a concept has so much to do with alchemy and Hermeticism, it's very easy to see how the principles of horticulture can be applied to psychological health! Yes, we get into beekeeping, holistic medicines, cannabis growing and genetics, we bring up the famed Alaskan Thunderfuck/ Matanuska Thunderfuck cannabis strain, and much more!

We hope you dig it.

This week's featured music! Don't forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists!


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