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BHA81: Cancer, Remission & Alchemy in an Honest Discussion (feat. Leticia Martinez of 'Journal Chaotika')

This week on Black Hoodie Alchemy, I'm joined by another special guest Leticia Martinez -- an alchemist, journalist, and holistic health counselor that utilizes herbal remedies, massage therapy, and much more in her practice with clients. Not only has she taken her studies seriously throughout the years, she has also put her money where her mouth is being a terminal cancer survivor!



In this episode, we talk about Leticia's come-up into alchemy, her cancer diagnosis and also the path that lead her into a full remission that baffled doctors. With a combination of nearly all the doctor-offered treatments ASIDE from chemotherapy, Leticia as well used a wide varying combination of mushrooms, cannabis, and other medicinal herbs and extracts that we get into during our chat.


In addition to all this we also talk about mortality, life and death and survivor's guilt, Big Pharma's looming shadow, the suppression of cancer research and researchers, the philosophy of animism, and navigating one's personal health in a very flawed western medical system.


As a final disclaimer, it should be heavily noted that I am not a medical professional in any degree, and while Leticia is far more qualified to talk about these things than I am, she also freely admits that while her story should be taken into consideration -- it SHOULD NOT be taken as some sort of medical gospel.


We hope you dig it!


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