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BHA80: Health, Disease & Eastern Mysticism (feat. Max Komes & Justin Otto)

This week on Black Hoodie Alchemy, I got the chance to be in-studio here in Pensacola, Florida with my two guests and local Floridians: Justin Otto, host of the Dharma Junkie podcast, founder and instructor of Gulf Coast Dharma, childhood cancer survivor, former addict, and current wonderful human being; and Max Komes, licensed yoga instructor, operator of Clarity Wellness Collective, student wrapping up his Masters in Psychology, and also a current wonderful human being!



In this conversation, we peel back the layers of psychology and physical health a bit, discussing the mind-body connection in a way that seeks to dispel some of the New Age half truths that are really ancient wisdom taken out of context. We get into yoga, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism, and also discuss the psychologies of Carl Jung and Victor Frankl in the context of the mind-body connection. Among the ailments of this physical spirituality, we bring up debilitating bodily pains and even conditions like cancer (no, not astrological conditions!)


And, as a final cherry on top, we take the time to get into the potential religious "superpowers" that esoteric circles of Buddhist monks are said to gain as byproducts of their enlightenment process, with certain a caveat: you must never use them to placate your ego, which basically means that you can't use them intentionally or they are said to disappear. Very curious, and definitely some black hoodie shit! Justin helps us navigate this more.


All this and more this week! We hope you dig it.



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