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BHA77: 'The Screwtape Letters' - Inside the Mind of a Demon

Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy! This week is another solo episode, and another episode about the Christian author CS Lewis. Last time we brought him up, we went through his work The Problem of Pain and this time we're going to bring up a fictional philosophical book he wrote, something he dedicated to his friend JRR Tolkien, called The Screwtape Letters.

This is a fascinating read into the letters of an arch-demon, Screwtape, written to his nephew-demon-apprentice, Wormood -- teaching him how to claim the soul of a European man amidst the onset of World War II.

I am not Christian, but I do appreciate the esoteric notions found within the beliefs, and I also appreciate the writing and thoughts of CS Lewis -- so, while I do not agree with everything in this book, I think it is excellent food for thought that is well worth considering! And it has a very unique narrative context that you'll enjoy.



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